Top Three Myths About Preplanning

In life, we are almost always planning ahead for our future. Planning toward a personal goal or planning for the next phase of life. We set a plan so we can know where we’re headed. Planning relieves stress and answers many questions ahead of time. One thing people do not always plan for is their final arrangements. When a loved one unexpectedly passes away, you can expect family and friends to have conversations centered around questions such as:

  • What type of service did he want?
  • Where did she want to be buried?
  • Did he want traditional burial or cremation?

This is especially true if final wishes were not preplanned. Preplanning is a clear solution, even a gift, to friends and family who need time to grieve. But people sometimes hesitate to preplan, citing concerns like cost or flexibility. At Nalley-Pickle & Welch, we want to address the top three concerns, or “myths,” about preplanning, so you can clearly see the benefits and be able to make the right choice for you and your family.

1.) You are required to pay for your arrangements ahead of time.

This is definitely one of the biggest misconceptions about preplanning your funeral. While we do offer pre-payment options in order to make life less complicated when a loved one passes, pre-paying is a choice and not a necessity. Preplanning can simply mean trusting us to keep your information and final wishes on file with our staff.

2.) Once you’ve planned with one funeral home, you’re locked into that choice.

Well, it depends on who you plan with. If you plan with us at Nalley-Pickle & Welch, you can change your mind at any time. We understand that circumstances can change or people move, so we make our services and arrangements completely transferrable.

3.) Preplanning leaves family and friends out of the planning process.

We strongly encourage you to include your family in preplanning, if they desire. While it’s better to make the big decisions in advance, many of the smaller details can wait until the time of need. For example, your loved ones might want to choose flowers and songs that will help celebrate your life and get them through this difficult time. For items that are important to you, you may want to discuss your preferences with your family in advance. Your loved ones will appreciate that you preplanned your final wishes, and they will not be left wondering what you really wanted.

We can help you with all these funeral options and make sure everything is done the way you want. Feel free to contact us with more questions about preplanning, so we can continue to challenge the myths and prove there are only benefits.