Tell Their Story: A Tale of 3 Funeral Receptions

Funerals have a unique way of bringing people together – some of whom may not have seen one another in years. A meaningful service honors the life that was lived and provides a moment for friends and family to reflect and remember. But as our Nalley-Pickle & Welch team has observed time and time again, the reception after the funeral or visitation provides a unique opportunity for connection – where people can both offer and receive support as they share stories and reminisce.  That’s why so many families in Big Spring, Stanton, and Midland are choosing to plan receptions that are memorable and highly personal.

No matter your loved one’s personal style, their final wishes, or your family’s budget, we have the options you need when it comes to venue, food choices, and personalization. Regardless of what kind of event you plan, our experienced staff is here to handle every detail: set-up, clean-up, food, beverages, and decorations.

We want to paint a picture for you of what it’s like to plan a funeral at Nalley-Pickle & Welch and how varied our options truly are.

Evening Elegance at the Branch Reception Center

When Sylvia’s mother, Delores, died following a long battle with cancer, Sylvia was overwhelmed by the loss. She knew she wanted to honor her mother in a way that reflected her unique style and sophistication. Delores was so elegant – never a hair out of place, and she planned the most beautiful dinner parties. Sylvia knew her mother would want the best hospitality for her guests, but Sylvia didn’t have the energy to host an event herself or try to find a venue in Midland. She was so relieved to find out her mother had preplanned her funeral and burial with Nalley-Pickle & Welch, because they had their own reception venue –The Branch Reception Center. When she told the team she wanted an elegant dinner, they knew just what to do. They held a champagne toast with a delicious, plated dinner. The service was impeccable, and the facility was spacious and beautifully decorated. And since she didn’t have to lift a finger, she was able to put her time and energy into preparing the most beautiful speech which she shared to a standing ovation.

An Intimate, Homey Gathering at the Welch Reception Center

Michael’s many memories of his grandmother all began and ended in her kitchen. From the time he could stand, grandmother would plop him on a stepstool next to the counter to stir cake batter, measure ingredients for her famous molasses cookies, and fetch her a cup of coffee when the treats were ready. Michael knew he wanted to commemorate her death the way she lived her life: with plenty of sweets, hot coffee, and warm, casual conversation. Something intimate, where everyone felt at home. That made the Welch Reception Center in Big Spring the perfect choice. Formerly a private residence, but now completely outfitted for any event, its atmosphere was incredibly comforting. Michael was surprised to learn that the cost of the space was included in the cost of his grandmother’s funeral service. With a full kitchen, soft lighting, and homey décor, family and friends could enjoy the relaxed setting while nibbling on Grandma’s favorite molasses cookies – and everyone left with her recipe printed on a special recipe card. Michael knew his grandmother would have raised her coffee cup in approval of the gathering held in her honor.

A Party to Remember at the Branch Reception Center

Jennifer could still remember the moment she first saw Dale walking down the hallway of their high school so many decades ago. In his motorcycle boots and leather jacket, with that hearty laugh and mischievous twinkle in his eye – she was smitten, and he was too. The high school sweethearts married a week after graduation. 43 years of marriage, 4 children, and 8 grandchildren later, Dale died unexpectedly. Jennifer didn’t know where to begin, but she knew Dale would not have wanted anything traditional. If all those years of marriage had taught her anything about Dale, it was that he would want to “go out with a bang.” She was relieved to find that the Nalley-Pickle & Welch team was so experienced. They walked her through every decision she had to make, and they asked her all kinds of questions about Dale so they could throw him a farewell party he would have loved. So, following a motorcycle procession from the funeral home to The Branch, guests devoured Dale’s favorite meal: old-fashioned Texas barbecue, while friends got up and told stories about Dale’s adventures. Harley memorabilia and photos of Dale riding his bike decorated every table, and “Born to Be Wild” played as guests left. Everyone fired up their bikes for one last ride with Dale to Trinity Memorial Park. It was a farewell fit for a true road warrior.

While each one of these examples are different – you’ll find one common thread running through them all – at Nalley-Pickle & Welch, we have the options, the experience, and the desire to help you tell your loved one’s story in the most meaningful way possible through their service, visitation, and reception – whether their choice was traditional burial or cremation. Contact us with questions or to get started planning a funeral and reception to remember.