Nalley-Pickle & Welch’s Legacy: Helping You Build Yours

For three generations, Nalley-Pickle & Welch has been a part of Midland and Big Spring – with one mission at the heart of what we do: helping loved ones build and preserve their loved one’s legacy. A funeral is one of those important moments in life – a time to mark with a special service or reception, and a time to reflect on what the people we love mean to us.

This is a calling our family has been walking in since 1937, when Coy and Jessie Nalley started Nalley Funeral Home. J.C. Pickle joined as a partner and the named changed to Nalley-Pickle Funeral Home. Twenty years later another family purchased the funeral home, led by Ernest and Mary Lynn Welch. That’s when the name was changed to the one we carry today: Nalley-Pickle & Welch. The Welch family had already been in the funeral business in Big Spring for a few years, and Ernest’s philosophy was simple, but profound: a funeral is a way to celebrate the life that was lived and to reflect on a loved one’s unique accomplishments. This is the same philosophy we carry in our heart today.

We want to help you build your loved one’s legacy through using their funeral service and burial as a way to tell the story of who they were and how much you loved them. Perhaps your grandmother spent hours in the kitchen, baking cookies and other goodies filled with the best ingredient: love. Serve her favorite concoction at the reception you plan for her at either the Welch Reception Center or The Branch. Was your husband a big football fan? We can infuse every aspect of the service with remembrances of his favorite team. Our compassionate and professional staff is here to help you bring these wishes to life.

We can also assist you in building your own legacy, when you choose to preplan with Nalley-Pickle & Welch. Not only will you leave a tender memory with your family, as they come to realize you’ve planned everything so they don’t have to, but you can determine what your wishes and needs are and make sure they are documented and followed.

As more and more funeral homes are being snatched up by remote corporations, that inevitably standardize services, choosing a local, family-owned funeral home makes sense. Today, Nalley-Pickle & Welch is led by Ernest and Mary Lynn’s son, Tommy Welch, along with his daughter, Kasi Welch-Baker. We are committed to treating each family that walks through our doors as if they were a member of our family, always offering the most excellent, compassionate care.

Here, the legacy of Ernest Welch lives on: Honor each family. Honor their traditions and culture. Honor their faith. And keep costs within a comfortable, reasonable budget.