Is Cremation Right for You? Take our Quiz to Find Out!

Life is full of decisions big and small. There are decisions to make in the moment, like how to spend free time, what to eat for dinner, and whether to sample the candy you purchased for trick-or-treat. Then there are decisions that require time and consideration, like whether to change jobs, buy a new car, go back to school.

One decision we talk about with many Texans here at Nalley-Pickle & Welch Funeral Home is whether to choose traditional burial or cremation. This is deeply personal, and people have many reasons for the decision they ultimately make. When we sit down to help someone put their end-of-life preferences in writing, this is a one element of planning that requires a lot of thought.

If you’ve never considered the details of your funeral and burial, allow us to encourage you to think about your plans right now. You can put them in writing immediately using our easy online form or schedule a time to meet with us by phone or in person at any of our five locations.

Regardless of how you plan, one thing is certain: You will feel tremendous peace of mind when you have made these decisions knowing your family won’t have the responsibility later on.

When it comes to traditional burial or cremation, which one’s right for you? Take our quiz to find out.


  1. It’s important to me to carry on my family tradition that includes being laid to rest at a family plot.If you answer yes to this question, traditional burial may be your best choice. It’s not uncommon for families to plan and purchase burial plots decades in advance to ensure all family members are buried near each other. For many, this is the way it’s always been done in their family, and they want to carry on that tradition.


  1. My family lives all over the country and I don’t want them to have to rush back for a funeral and burial.If this is true for you, you may want to consider cremation knowing this option removes time constraints. Loved ones can take their time planning a meaningful ceremony and reception without feeling rushed. This also allows out-of-town guests more time for travel.


  1. I want to make the decision that is the least expensive.With fewer associated costs, cremation is usually a less expensive option than a traditional burial. That said, funeral expenses are under your control based on what’s involved. From flowers to transportation to reception, there are factors that significantly impact the cost. When you preplan, you take control over the arrangements – and the expenses.


  1. Preserving land and limiting my carbon footprint are important to me.Many view cremation as a more eco-friendly option than traditional burial, though there are environmental pros and cons for both.


  1. I am religious and my religion’s views on cremation are important to me.The Catholic Church forbade cremation until the 1960s when the ban was lifted. Judaism has traditionally shunned cremation, but now some Jews accept the practice. Cremation is encouraged in some religions including Hinduism and Buddhism, while it’s forbidden for Muslims. Certainly, your beliefs may inform or at least influence your decision.


  1. I like the idea of having my cremated remains scattered at a meaningful location OR I like the thought of having a permanent final resting place where my family can visit.Does one of these options appeal to you over the other? Many Texans choose to do both with cremation, having some remains scattered, some brought home in an urn or another vessel, and some buried.It’s important to remember that providing a sense of closure to those left behind is crucial. A permanent memorial spot may bring comfort to some, as they can return there and pay tribute. Others may find great meaning in having a piece of remembrance jewelry that contains a portion of cremation remains. How do you think your family will find the most healing?


  1. Knowing how much closure and healing comes with a funeral service, I want to be sure my family has this opportunity.Some people think choosing cremation limits their memorialization options, but that definitely isn’t true. Whether you choose traditional burial or cremation, we can help arrange a visitation, memorial service, catered reception, or graveside burial. It’s all up to you.


This important decision will naturally take some time and reflection. Once you’ve made the right choice for your family, let our specialists help you put a plan in place. Whether you choose burial or cremation, the Nalley-Pickle & Welch family will ensure that your memorial will be one of lasting remembrance.