7 Ways to Honor Your Mom’s Legacy this Mother’s Day

This time of year, with Mother’s Day advertisements popping up at every turn here in Midland, Big Spring, and Stanton, it can be especially difficult for those who have lost their mothers. No matter how many years have passed since her death, the pain and grief often resurface. Many of us at Nalley-Pickle & Welch know this pain firsthand, and want to extend our warmest condolences to those people, along with a few pieces of advice that have helped us along the way. Our caring team recognizes that being around others who are happily celebrating their mothers may seem unbearable. But while nothing can take away the pain completely, there are ways to find comfort in embracing the memories that bonded you to your mother.

Here are a few meaningful ways we’ve chosen to honor our moms and memories of her in affirming ways:

1. Get together with compassionate people who knew your mom. Family and friends can understand the depth of your loss, while providing comfort and a listening ear.

2. Create a book with family photographs and written memories. Or, if you already have a book like this, look through it with your loved ones.

3. Make one of your mother’s favorite recipes or go out to eat at her favorite restaurant.

4. Visit your mother’s gravesite. Bring her favorite flowers or a card that includes memories of your time together.

5. Plan to do an activity your mother enjoyed or that you once shared.

6. Plant something in her honor. There’s something about the act of planting that reminds us of life, and love, and hope in what’s to come. This can also go on to be a tangible reminder of your mother in the years to come.

7. Make a donation or spend time volunteering at your mother’s favorite charity.

Today, and every day, remember that the grief journey is a lifelong process. There is no beginning, middle, and end. We know how difficult the months and years after losing a loved one can be, especially when the loved one is your mother. We are here to help. Nalley-Pickle & Welch provides exceptional bereavement resources to the community year round, from a complete grief library, to our online grief support, to a variety of support groups and special programs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.