4 Questions You Must Ask Your Cremation Provider

It wasn’t long ago – 50 years or so – that only a small fraction of Americans chose to be cremated. But in recent decades, cremation has surged in popularity across the country and here in West Texas. As cremation becomes more commonplace, our professional staff at Nalley-Pickle & Welch Funeral Home offers this reminder: Not all cremation providers are the same, nor are they equal.

Perhaps you’ve scanned the headlines and noticed the upswing in cremation scandals. Maybe a family you know has had a negative experience with a cremation provider in their area. Since many people choose cremation because they view it as the more affordable option, unscrupulous providers offer rock bottom prices to get families in the door, but then they often tack on extra charges that aren’t anticipated.

When you choose a cremation provider, you need to be sure they are completely trustworthy. You want to have the utmost confidence that your loved one will be treated with dignity, and – this goes without saying – that the cremated remains returned to you are those of your loved one. You also want to make sure they are transparent about their pricing from the beginning and offer you the best value.

Because of the seriousness of this issue, we want to suggest a few questions you can ask any cremation provider, along with responses from our own team:

1.) What kind of training does your staff receive?

Nalley-Pickle & Welch is a local, family owned funeral home that has been in the area since 1937. Our knowledgeable and licensed professionals are the best in the business. We strictly adhere to a Cremation Code of Ethics and are members of ICCFA (International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association), which provides advanced staff training.

2.) Do you have your own, private crematory on site?

This is an important question and here’s why: Many cremation providers outsource their cremations to third parties, which may be located in different cities or counties. We want you to know that your loved one is always in our care, which is why we have our own private, on-site crematory. This enables us to control every aspect of the entire cremation process, and gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

3.) Can our family inspect your crematory facility and equipment?

We are happy to help families learn about cremation, as well as give you a personalized tour of our facilities. We want every family we serve to have complete peace of mind, and touring our facilities will help you see that we conduct all our services in the most professional and dignified manner possible.

4.) Do you have an ethical code or process in place?

We understand that those who choose cremation might have questions about processes and procedures. We are proud to offer a 10-step cremation process backed by our exclusive Cremation with Confidence™ Guarantee. This trademarked, rigorous process

guarantees that your loved one never leaves our care, and that the cremated remains returned to you are those of your loved one.

As you think more about your final wishes, we encourage you to reach out to our thoughtful staff. Whether you’re ready to arrange a service that is both personalized and affordable, learn more about our memorial options, or begin the process of preplanning, we are here for you.