Why Receptions Are So Important

Anyone who has been to a wedding reception, a sweet 16 soirée, baby shower, or an anniversary celebration knows those gatherings are far more than mere parties. We have a tendency to mark important events by getting together with the people we love and know best, sharing food and drink, connecting with each other, and reflecting on the life change.

It’s no different when a loved one or friend passes away. A funeral is a moment in time for honoring the life that was lived and finding comfort in the company of those closest to us. Gathering before, during, and after a funeral is actually a very important part of the grieving process. The time of conversation and connectedness can help you work through your grief.

At Nalley-Pickle & Welch, we can help you create a funeral service that bursts with the personality of your loved one. Honoring their life and remembering what they meant to you is the first step.

Plan your event at the Welch Reception Center...www.npwelch.com

Welch Reception Center

The second step is the gathering. Of course, there has probably never been a time in your life when you have felt less like hosting a number of guests. This is where we come in. Together, we can help you plan a catered funeral reception that is as large, or as intimate, as you would like. We have two reception centers – Welch Reception Center in Big Spring and The Branch Reception Center in Midland. Both convenient locations offer families in Howard and Midland Counties comfortable spaces for serving everything from coffee and light refreshments to a full meal after or before a funeral or visitation.

Plan your event at The Branch Reception Center...www.npwelch.com

The Branch Reception Center

And we’ll make all the arrangements for you, eliminating the work of hosting a reception in your home or the fuss of making reservations at a restaurant for a large group. We have full catering and refreshment services expertly prepared and served in quiet, comforting surroundings. No matter what you want served, we will make it happen.

Also, if you are saying farewell to your loved one at Nalley-Pickle & Welch, the cost for renting either Welch Reception Center in Big Spring or The Branch in Midland is included in a part of your funeral service. We want to do everything we can to help move you along the road toward healing.

If you’ve gone through a difficult time, how did the company of those who love you make a difference? Tell us in the comments below.