Why Cutting Costs Doesn’t Have to Mean Cutting Corners

Here at Nalley-Pickle & Welch Funeral Home, we are strong believers in tradition. You can see it in our history in Midland, Stanton, and Big Spring, as we’ve been serving families in West Texas for more than 80 years. You can see it in our pride of ownership, with generations of our family caring for our neighbors as only other West Texans could. Tradition also lives on through the legacy of Ernest Welch, former owner and grandfather to our current owner, Kasi Welch Baker. Ernest believed in honoring every family’s culture and faith, and he made it a priority to keep costs within a comfortable, reasonable budget.

Our experienced staff continues to carry on every part of that legacy today. We don’t function like corporate-owned funeral homes who think it’s more profitable to make every funeral the same. Instead, we believe every service should be affordable and personal, paying tribute to the loved one who died and bringing comfort to surviving friends and family members.

Plain and simple: We can help any family plan a meaningful service regardless of their budget. How? Thanks to our range of options. Though we’re strong believers in tradition, we offer much more than a “traditional” funeral. The cost is entirely determined by a family’s choices and it depends on three main areas: the services selected, the casket and vault chosen, and use of transportation.

Services selected: A fitting tribute has many elements, including the type of service, burial, cremation, and flower arrangements. Receptions can be arranged at either The Welch Reception Center or The Branch at NPW, which might be simple or elaborate – it’s up to you. We offer alternatives such as humanistic services instead of religious services, visitations with or without viewing, and unique ceremonies to honor the person who has died.

Casket and vault: Choosing a casket is a very personal decision. To many people, it is important to select a casket made of very durable steel or semi-precious metal. Often, families will want to select a casket that seems fitting for their loved one. For example, interiors with quilted patterns, hardwoods with tree designs, religious symbols such as the Last Supper or praying hands and sometimes floral designs, which may represent their family member’s favorite color or flower. We believe finding exactly what is right for you is so important, which is why we offer many choices in casket and vaults.

Transportation: Our limousines and hearses are spotlessly maintained and readily available for the convenience of your family and guests.

We encourage families to reach out to us with questions and to find out about costs so they can make informed choices. If you make your own prearrangements with Nalley-Pickle & Welch, these are decisions you can make for yourself. No matter what your family chooses, you’ll find our service to be dignified and compassionate – just as it’s been for generations.