Making Memories: It’s Never Too Late

One of our areas of expertise here at Nalley-Pickle & Welch is helping families in Big Spring and Midland craft a funeral service that tells the story of their loved one’s life. Sometimes, people come to us filled with ideas – they can easily rattle off a list of accomplishments, hobbies, interests, and traditions. For others, it can be more of a challenge. You see for many, as they grow older, and physical ailments and the natural aging process complicates life, some feel unable to experience new adventures and make new memories. This is something we should all work to change! Our team at Nalley-Pickle & Welch has some motivating ideas and words of encouragement to get you started on making meaningful memories today.

It is important to travel and do things you have always wanted to do, because who knows if you will get another opportunity? After years in this industry, we haveobserved and helped memorialize people who had a lot of life left to live – which is why we want to strongly encourage our neighbors in this West Texas community to get out there and fulfill their life’s dreams! Step outside your comfort zone and make plans to go to that park you have heard wonderful things about, take a walk outside and do some bird-watching, give a friend or family member you haven’t heard from in a while a call, or have your grandchildren come for a weekend visit. A little effort now will pay off in a lifetime of happy memories and stories for your loved ones.

When planning a loved one’s funeral, so many Big Spring and Midland families say things to us such as, “I am so glad Grandma got to see the grandkids before she got sick, so they can remember her happy, loving face,” or “It was great we rescheduled our vacation so we could take Grandpa back to where he grew up; I hadn’t seen him so happy in years!” You may think you are being a burden to your loved ones, but you can’t imagine the satisfaction they will get out of showing you a special time. You took care of them for so long, it is nice for them to return the favor for you.

There are also a lot of things you can do on your own as well. Go to your church or synagogue and meet new people. Often, these organizations plan trips to interesting places which are a great way to get out of the house. You can also volunteer with a community service program; nothing is more fulfilling than giving back. Some of these activities are as simple as reading books to children or bringing in baked goods or old clothes to a shelter for those in need. And most importantly, when people ask you to do something, say yes! You can do it – don’t miss an opportunity to have a fun day with friends. Enjoy your life and live it up; make these special memories now before it’s too late. Like Elvis Presley once sang, “It’s now or never!”